Friday, July 24, 2015

Meeting Monika

"Your dreams, whatever they are, are in your hands. You have the power over your own dreams," says Asia's Next Top Model Season 3 1st runner-up Monika Sta. Maria during her short, sit-down interview with Abreeza here in Davao City.

The gorgeous women of Abreeza's Marketing Team.
Representatives of the Fashion Institute of the Design and Arts, Zyramae Carpentero & Neil Jimlani.

Spotted style blogger, Jeffrey Mondia!

Delicious varieties of finger food by Italianni's. Ugh I should've went for a second round!

Hey fierce creatures! Yes, this post couldn't get any fiercer because I'll be giving y'all a glimpse of my momentary yet memorable encounter with the stunning Monika Sta. Maria yesterday at the Abreeza Fashion Forum.

"Pose for us, Monika!" Yeah girl, werk it.

Let me just say first that I'm so grateful to have been personally invited by my good friend, Meki D'lonsod, one of Abreeza's marketing staff to grace this event. It was a wonderful experience to be a few meters away from a 5-foot and 9-inch top model and hear her victories and struggles during the cut-throat competition.

Monika discussed her deep passion for modeling when she recalled how she first auditioned for Asia's Next Top Model during their second season. She wrote her name first on the list but did not make the cut. So on the following season, even more determined, she still did the same thing and finally made it through.

And though she was not declared the winner, there was nothing that she would've changed during her fight to the top. And it really warmed Monika's heart when she saw the fans cheering as she was not expecting so much love from Davao. She said she felt like the winner with all the support she has received.

Personally, to be the only Filipina standing on the finale of an international modeling competition like Asia's Next Top Model places the Philippines on a higher level in the fashion industry. Thanks to Monika!

Aside from her undeniable beauty and grace, what I admire the most about Monika is her humility. I don't know how she does it but she has kept her feet grounded, almost in disbelief of the support she's getting from her fans.

Fan mode: SELFIE! Photo by Meki D'lonsod
I look up to her(literally too! Hahaha) after that brief encounter. I wish more fashion people would be like Monika, unconceited and full of character. After all, people are only impressed by the things we show but we are remembered by how we treat them.

Meeting Monika was an experience truly worth remembering. If you're reading this Monika, thank you and I hope to see you again in the industry someday, soon. :)

-----My outfit during this event will be featured on my next post!-----

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