Sunday, August 2, 2015

Young Entrepreneur

In my quest to be one of the few youngest millionaires in the Philippines, I shouldn't only do the part--I have to look the part.

Photos by Clarence Sayman

It feels so good to be FINALLY free from the exhausting atmosphere and tiring routines of an employee. I heard one speaker say, "When you stop growing, you start dying." I'm only twenty-one. I can't die unhappy. I can't die not doing what I really love. I can't die not being a millionaire.

'Sup cool kids! For today's ensemble, I'm showing you my take on a fashion-meets-business attire. Because I'm meeting clients who'd possibly become my business partners in the near future, I have to look formal yet sophisticated all at the same time.

The combination of the white blazer and floral top suits perfectly my personality: hip and classy. And in my opinion, everyone needs to have a nice pair of black skinny jeans because they're kind of versatile. You can wear them by day when you're making some money (holla!) and rock them by night when you're out with some friends. But my fave part of this outfit are the boots!! It's like I can hear them telling my clients yeah girl, I work but I werk, you know what I'm sayin'? (Hahaha yes guys, my boots are black)

When finding the right pieces to a business attire, don't forget to add your flair. The corporate world is already congested of lousy, old-fashioned people. Don't add to their number. 

Regardless of whatever you're up to, you can be sure that you'd never go wrong if you'd just stick to your brand. 

Blazer, floral top, pants and boots are all from Forever 21

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