Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Portfolio: Caduceus

The world is not black and white; a few are painted by hues as beautiful as the gradient of the sky.

Welcome back! says my blog to myself. *plays Rihanna's Where Have You Been chorus*

Hello ladies, gents and to all the fierce creatures in between!!! I know the last cycle of America's Next Top Model has already ended and the latest Bb. Pilipinas queens have been crowned, but I have not posted a single blog post for 2016.

The past few months have been crazy! For all those who are following me in my social media accounts (all of them are @ralzsanpedro), y'all know A LOT HAVE HAPPENED. I won't recount all of them, as that won't be necessary.

Needless to say, I've finally come to terms with who I am.

And I'm happy that for the past few months, I have discovered things, places, wants, ambitions and people I never thought would contribute so much to the person that I've become.

One of them is the fierce and aspiring androgynous model, Ken Mumar. Scroll down and let the photos give you a slight taste of raw androgyny.

With a body as slender as mine, it is undeniable that he registers "too pretty" for a guy. When we met, it was like we've already walked together in a fashion show some time in our past lives.

I could remember he told me how he wanted fashion and runways so much that I almost cried (this is such an emotional post LOL) because FINALLY, I found someone who could truly relate with me, with what I was going through and where I'm headed for.

Bold and determined, Ken and I are willing to venture into the harsh and cut-throat industry that has made several icons like Andrej Pejic, one of the most successful androgynous supermodels.

As you scroll down, please stop and take a moment to appreciate our nipples. Just kidding! Hahaha! 

 This was not easy for me as I am not totally comfortable showing my skin (or being topless). However, in some type of way, I felt at home. It was like my soul and body finally reconciled and tied up after a very long time.

I know that there are a lot of aspiring models (both transgenders and cisgenders) who are afraid and unsure because they think they might not make it. Take a leap. Grow your hair. Take care of your skin. Buy yourself a pair of heels. Find someone who shares the same dream that you have.

Do not let your dreams slip from your fingers. Screw them when they tell you that you must be a certain way to make it to the fashion industry. This industry is obsessed with the quirky, the buck-teeth, the different.

I dare you to dream.

This shoot would have not been possible without the unmerited photography skills of Sebastian Daquil. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be with Seb's creative direction and wild vision. 


I am beyond excited to share new stuff on my blog, but it doesn't mean that I'll stop posting OOTD's and thoughtful articles. In the coming posts, you will see more androgynous stuff as we're filling up our portfolio. Don't worry, you will see us covered and dressed up too! 

Should you be interested to be part of our shoots--as a model, make-up artist, photographer, videographer or stylist--feel free to contact me through sanpedro.ralzy@gmail.com. I am very friendly in person :D

'Till we meet again, dreamer.

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