Wednesday, August 24, 2016

23 Things I've Learned (And You Should Remember)

Today marks the 23rd year of my fabulous existence on this lovely earth!

In order to give back to the universe, I'd like to share with you 23 lessons I've learned and gathered from different experiences and people I've encountered--along with a simple OOTD I wore a few weeks back. 

Let's begin, shall we?

1. Stop whining and start grinding. I like expensive stuff and I figured that it's okay for as long as I work hard to have them. YOU BETTER WORK! *snap*

2. You cannot have everything you want, all at once. God knows our hearts even before we ask Him, but He is also an expert in timing. Be patient (and pretty).

3. Treat yourself once in a while. I think it's so important to see/feel the fruits of your hard work. It's okay to get some diamond peel, Brazilian blowout or some new stuff. 

4. Experiment. Try new styles, a new restaurant, a different Starbucks frappe or another fitness routine. You'd be surprise with these new discoveries.

5. Reconnect. Message that old friend or send a random emoji to your former classmates. See how they're doing.

6. Keep taking photos. As much as it's important to live for the moment, spare a minute to take a photo as it might never happen again.

7. Disconnect. Get rid of all your old, unpleasing habits and people who only care about themselves.

8. Their business is not your business. If you do not have anything good to say, keep it to yourself. We do not know what other people are going through.

9. Social media is not a good diary. The world doesn't have to know the details of your break-up or the results of your medical exam. Most of your friends in Facebook are only curious but they don't necessarily care.

10. NEVER abandon the most important things in life. Religious or not, we cannot exchange our faith, relationships with our loved ones and quality time with ourselves for a new lover or a temporary career.

11. Cry every now and then. And while you're at it, cry very hard. Let your tears wash the pain away. It's very healthy to throw away some baggage cluttering your heart.

12. Find a spiritual community. I'm blessed to have been part of a church that contributed so much to my growth. It's nice to have some purpose.

13. Travel to places you've never been. I've been to a few and it's a great feeling to be at a place where no one knows or recognizes you.

14. Sharpen them skills. Do not take your skills or talents for granted. Keep practicing and learning new stuff especially from those who are already experts in that field.

15. The world should not know some stuff. I recently read a quote that there are three things we should keep private: love life, income and next move.

16. Have courage. Cross boundaries. Take risks. Shock them all. Always remember that there are people like you.

17. Be kind. Everything you've read above would be of no value if we do not seek goodness. As much as we should be kind to others, we should be kind to ourselves first.

18. You are a stripe in a rainbow. Stick to your brand and be good at it. No one is and will ever be like you so embrace your role.

19. Respect begets respect. I think I need not to explain this.

20. Everything is temporary. And I mean everything. Your job, your boyfriend, your newly done eyebrows or favorite Beyonce song--all these and everything you see will fade away.

21. Celebrate the little things. Enjoy all the random stuff life has to offer. Most of the time, happiness is found on these things.

22. Dream on. Dream even when they don't believe in you. Stay positive and never ever give up on what you love to do.

23. Most of all, love deeply.

Since you've reached this part, I'd like to THANK YOU for taking the time to read my blog and skim through unrelated outfit pictures that were included (HAHAHA!) Special thanks to Seb Daquil for my photos.

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Pants: GTW
Slip-ons: Primadonna
Necklace: Forever 21
Bag: Aldo

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